When should I change my wipers?

It is recommended that you inspect your wipers every 6 months. Visible signs of wear are streaking and smearing.

I don't use my wipers very often. Should I still replace them?

You should inspect your blades regularly. Heat, UV rays and debris on the windshield contribute to the deterioration of the blade over time.

Can I just replace the driver’s side wiper blade?

We recommend that you replace both blades at the same time to ensure clear visibility.

Which wiper blade do I need for my vehicle?

Our friendly staff can help you select the wiper blade that is right for your vehicle. Or, you can reference the catalog section on this website.

Should I clean my windshield before installing new wipers?

It is recommended that you clean your windshield before you install new wiper blades. PerfectView wiper blades perform best without waxes or additives on the glass.

Can I install PerfectView blades myself?

Yes, these blades are easy to install with no special tools needed.